7 Dogs That are Great to Have as Pets in Adelaide

“There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.”
Ben Williams

There are so many breeds of dogs in Adelaide that it’s very difficult to pick one. They all have something special about them, whether it is its interesting look, soft coat, or playful character. Still, don’t be hasty when picking your dog, making sure that the breed you chose will fit your lifestyle. So a bit of research is needed. For this, we made a list with 7 great breeds of dogs, to help you have an idea about the potential dog that can become your family member. You can also get information from your local council about the breed in your area.

  1. Labrador Retriever


The Labrador retriever is an amazing dog, being suitable both for families with children and for single people, because they are extremely loyal and lovable. He will enjoy a walk with the owner or a play with the children in the same manner, as long as the dog gets to spend as much time with the persons he loves. They are active dogs, with plenty of energy, as they were created for hunting and retrieving small game. So if you are a person that loves walks, and wish for a dog that is gentle, the Labrador will be perfect.

  1. German Shepherd


This dog is a smart, loyal, affectionate and protective dog, also being suitable both for families or single persons. The German shepherd is an active dog, being perfect for active people, who like spending time in the outdoors or take often walks. It is also great for security, as this dog will protect his family and property without hesitation. It will also require to be educated with calm and patience, without the use of violence, because it is a big dog and an aggressive behavior is not unwanted.

  1. French Bulldog


This dog is a four-legged clown, both for its appearance and for its personality. It is a small sized dog that requires a medium amount of exercising, loving to sit on the couch with you. A brisk walk will do for this small dog, although it won’t refuse a good play session. But, do have in mind that this breed may snore, due to its short mussel.

  1. Yorkshire Terrier


This is a breed of very small dogs, which can be easily kept in an apartment. The Yorkie is a joyful dog, playful and affectionate, loving to play and run around, but also to sit in your lap. It doesn’t need a lot of exercising, but it will need some attention concerning its grooming. The Yorkie has a long silky coat, most owners preferring to cut it short at a dog salon, for an easy maintenance.

  1. Beagle


The Beagle is an incredibly friendly dog, perfect for a family with children, who can consume the high energy of this medium sized four-legged companion. It may have a mischievous temperament and can be a challenge to train, although it will be hard to be upset on this dog. Its joyful character and soft eyes will melt your heart each time.

  1. Poodle


The Poodle is a loyal dog, affectionate and calm, always ready to please its owner. It comes in three different sizes, toy, medium and giant, so you just have to pick the size that suits your space best. The dog has a very curly and soft hair, which will grow quite consistent, needing grooming and periodic cuts. Its needs medium exercising and it is very easy to train.

  1. Boxer


This dog is incredibly lovable with its family, being also very protective and alert when the family members are around, wishing to keep them safe in any situation. It is an active dog, loving long walks and play sessions, so it is great if you have children in the family. The Boxer has a very short hair, so grooming is not an issue, but may require some protection if the winters are very cold.