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A dog can be a great addition to your life, whether you are still single or have a numerous family. They are loyal creatures that love being in your company, never judging you for who you are and how you look, being there to comfort you when you are sad, and be joyful when you are happy. An incredible bond is created between a dog and his owner, which cannot be broken in time, no matter what happens. There is an entire set of benefits when owning a dog, from physical health to mental health benefits, getting more into detail about what a dog can bring in your life in the following lines.

The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.
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First of all, a dog will mean that you will have the best excuse to go out for a walk. A dog needs its walk, or even several walks if possible, to stay healthy as well. So why don’t you both enjoy the benefits of outdoor exercising? If you have a more energetic dog breed you can even go out jogging or biking together. Also, believe it or not, a dog will improve your social life, a perfect benefit for persons that have not found their other half yet. Walking your dog or going in special dog parks will mean that you will meet other dog owners as well, having the opportunity to create new bonds and friendships and, why not, even a new romance. Dog owners are usually open-minded and very social people, so you won’t have any trouble socializing with them. You will have the change to meet people in general, not only dog owners.

If you have a family with children, the dog will become the perfect companion for your young ones. He will be there to keep them safe and to play with them from morning to evening. The dog recognizes the owner’s children as a part of his pack, so he will watch and care for them as being their own. Also, a child that grows up with a dog will learn about responsibilities, about loyalty, affection, will be more positive and will socialize easily. Not to mention that a child with a dog will be healthier as well, studies showing that they are less sensitive when it comes allergies, contrary to what some people may think. And because the presence of dogs creates a positive environment around the child, illnesses will be kept at a distance.

Due to their protective nature, dogs are also great guardians of the house and property. Every dog, small or large, will know how to warn their owners if something is wrong. It is in their instinct to protect their family and home. And besides protection, a dog will always offer unconditional love and affection. The biggest reward for them is to be with you, no matter where you go. A kind word, attention and affection are all they need. Dogs don’t need luxury, expensive clothes or meals. All they need is to be cared by their owners, regular food and walks, and periodic vet check, just to make sure everything is all right. In exchange, you will gain a companion that will always be there for you, being most happy when you return home.

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