Bringing Your New Dog Home


“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”
Roger Caras

You finally picked your dog and there are just a few days left until you will be able to bring your new family member home. Are you ready to welcome your companion right? There are a few things you should know when bringing your new dog home, plus a few things you need to have ready, so that you will be properly prepared. The best age for puppies to be taken from their mother is about 8 weeks old, although even so, the transition will need some accommodation, so prepare to be supportive and understanding. Depending on how much energy and attention you will invest in getting the new member accommodated, the puppy will feel much better at its new home, forgetting about being sad.

The best moment to bring the puppy home is during the weekend, when you will have plenty of time to take care of it. For instance, on a Saturday morning, because you will have all day to get to know each other, before the night comes. If you have children, tell them to be calm and quite when the puppy arrives, before you get the dog, because it may get scared and will get accommodated harder. Also, your children are not allowed to bring all their friends or neighbors at home during that weekend, or take the puppy out to show it off. Just have in mind that this is a big step for the small puppy, not needing any more stress that the one induced by the change of its family and environment. If the atmosphere is calm and gentle, the puppy will have no trouble integrating in the family fast. And, do be prepared at night for the puppy to cry a little. It is not a general rule, because not all puppies cry, but it may whine a little, as it may miss the mother or siblings. So, comfort the dog a little and make sure it stays in a warm place, where it can sleep comfortably.

As mentioned earlier, you will need to have some things ready at home, for when you bring in the new dog. What will you need? You will need a bed for the dog, where it can sleep. Position the bed in a quiet place, where the dog can retreat for sleeping, without being bothered. Although, you may put the bed near yours for the first nights, until the dog feels comfortable enough to sleep without whining. Also, you will need food and water bowls, and junior dog feed. The dog feed is important to be appropriate for the dog’s age and should be given according to the advice of the vet. Puppies eat more often than adults, because they need to grow strong and healthy. You can also buy some toys, because the young dog will love playing, although it will sleep quite much during the day, just like babies. If the weather is cold outside and you plan taking it out, do have in mind some dog clothes that will keep it warm.

There will be a period of toilet training your puppy, remember to have patience and let the puppy learn what is right and wrong. They will soon learn where is the proper place to go. If there is accidents inside the house don’t stress, you can easily clean the mess with standard household cleaning products. If you are worried about your carpets, you can always get some Adelaide carpet cleaning from a local company. This will bring any stains and smells out of carpets inside your home. This should be done once your puppy fully learns their new toilet training.

Most importantly, don’t forget to take it to the vet, as soon as you can. Puppies are quite fragile and will need a set of vaccines and other interventions, like de-worming, to strengthen the immune system. The vet will take a look at it and will let you know what the next step is, guiding you through the entire vaccination scheme. Also, if you have any question to ask concerning your dog, don’t hesitate to ask the vet and get informed, so you will know what to do.