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7 Dogs That are Great to Have as Pets in Adelaide

“There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.”
Ben Williams

There are so many breeds of dogs in Adelaide that it’s very difficult to pick one. They all have something special about them, whether it is its interesting look, soft coat, or playful character. Still, don’t be hasty when picking your dog, making sure that the breed you chose will fit your lifestyle. So a bit of research is needed. For this, we made a list with 7 great breeds of dogs, to help you have an idea about the potential dog that can become your family member. You can also get information from your local council about the breed in your area.

  1. Labrador Retriever


The Labrador retriever is an amazing dog, being suitable both for families with children and for single people, because they are extremely loyal and lovable. He will enjoy a walk with the owner or a play with the children in the same manner, as long as the dog gets to spend as much time with the persons he loves. They are active dogs, with plenty of energy, as they were created for hunting and retrieving small game. So if you are a person that loves walks, and wish for a dog that is gentle, the Labrador will be perfect.

  1. German Shepherd


This dog is a smart, loyal, affectionate and protective dog, also being suitable both for families or single persons. The German shepherd is an active dog, being perfect for active people, who like spending time in the outdoors or take often walks. It is also great for security, as this dog will protect his family and property without hesitation. It will also require to be educated with calm and patience, without the use of violence, because it is a big dog and an aggressive behavior is not unwanted.

  1. French Bulldog


This dog is a four-legged clown, both for its appearance and for its personality. It is a small sized dog that requires a medium amount of exercising, loving to sit on the couch with you. A brisk walk will do for this small dog, although it won’t refuse a good play session. But, do have in mind that this breed may snore, due to its short mussel.

  1. Yorkshire Terrier


This is a breed of very small dogs, which can be easily kept in an apartment. The Yorkie is a joyful dog, playful and affectionate, loving to play and run around, but also to sit in your lap. It doesn’t need a lot of exercising, but it will need some attention concerning its grooming. The Yorkie has a long silky coat, most owners preferring to cut it short at a dog salon, for an easy maintenance.

  1. Beagle


The Beagle is an incredibly friendly dog, perfect for a family with children, who can consume the high energy of this medium sized four-legged companion. It may have a mischievous temperament and can be a challenge to train, although it will be hard to be upset on this dog. Its joyful character and soft eyes will melt your heart each time.

  1. Poodle


The Poodle is a loyal dog, affectionate and calm, always ready to please its owner. It comes in three different sizes, toy, medium and giant, so you just have to pick the size that suits your space best. The dog has a very curly and soft hair, which will grow quite consistent, needing grooming and periodic cuts. Its needs medium exercising and it is very easy to train.

  1. Boxer


This dog is incredibly lovable with its family, being also very protective and alert when the family members are around, wishing to keep them safe in any situation. It is an active dog, loving long walks and play sessions, so it is great if you have children in the family. The Boxer has a very short hair, so grooming is not an issue, but may require some protection if the winters are very cold.


Bringing Your New Dog Home


“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”
Roger Caras

You finally picked your dog and there are just a few days left until you will be able to bring your new family member home. Are you ready to welcome your companion right? There are a few things you should know when bringing your new dog home, plus a few things you need to have ready, so that you will be properly prepared. The best age for puppies to be taken from their mother is about 8 weeks old, although even so, the transition will need some accommodation, so prepare to be supportive and understanding. Depending on how much energy and attention you will invest in getting the new member accommodated, the puppy will feel much better at its new home, forgetting about being sad.

The best moment to bring the puppy home is during the weekend, when you will have plenty of time to take care of it. For instance, on a Saturday morning, because you will have all day to get to know each other, before the night comes. If you have children, tell them to be calm and quite when the puppy arrives, before you get the dog, because it may get scared and will get accommodated harder. Also, your children are not allowed to bring all their friends or neighbors at home during that weekend, or take the puppy out to show it off. Just have in mind that this is a big step for the small puppy, not needing any more stress that the one induced by the change of its family and environment. If the atmosphere is calm and gentle, the puppy will have no trouble integrating in the family fast. And, do be prepared at night for the puppy to cry a little. It is not a general rule, because not all puppies cry, but it may whine a little, as it may miss the mother or siblings. So, comfort the dog a little and make sure it stays in a warm place, where it can sleep comfortably.

As mentioned earlier, you will need to have some things ready at home, for when you bring in the new dog. What will you need? You will need a bed for the dog, where it can sleep. Position the bed in a quiet place, where the dog can retreat for sleeping, without being bothered. Although, you may put the bed near yours for the first nights, until the dog feels comfortable enough to sleep without whining. Also, you will need food and water bowls, and junior dog feed. The dog feed is important to be appropriate for the dog’s age and should be given according to the advice of the vet. Puppies eat more often than adults, because they need to grow strong and healthy. You can also buy some toys, because the young dog will love playing, although it will sleep quite much during the day, just like babies. If the weather is cold outside and you plan taking it out, do have in mind some dog clothes that will keep it warm.

There will be a period of toilet training your puppy, remember to have patience and let the puppy learn what is right and wrong. They will soon learn where is the proper place to go. If there is accidents inside the house don’t stress, you can easily clean the mess with standard household cleaning products. If you are worried about your carpets, you can always get some Adelaide carpet cleaning from a local company. This will bring any stains and smells out of carpets inside your home. This should be done once your puppy fully learns their new toilet training.

Most importantly, don’t forget to take it to the vet, as soon as you can. Puppies are quite fragile and will need a set of vaccines and other interventions, like de-worming, to strengthen the immune system. The vet will take a look at it and will let you know what the next step is, guiding you through the entire vaccination scheme. Also, if you have any question to ask concerning your dog, don’t hesitate to ask the vet and get informed, so you will know what to do.


Picking the Right Dog for You and Adelaide Living

Puppies 2

“Dogs don’t rationalize. They don’t hold anything against a person. They don’t see the outside of a human but the inside of a human.”
Cesar Millan

Adelaide Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, with different coat lengths and colors, and with different temperaments. A dog will be a great family member, although it is important to pick the right dog for you. Most people are tempted to pick a dog by its appearance, ending up realizing that the dog is not right for their lifestyle. It is sad to give a dog away, because they suffer a lot from separation, just because you will realize that you picked the wrong dog. If you decided that you are ready to welcome a dog into your life, there are some aspects to think about when picking the best dog for you. Keep in mind that the dog your friend has might not be the right dog for you, so you need to do your own research.

The first thing to consider is the size of the dog. If you life in a small Adelaide apartment, a Great Dane will be a bad choice, because even if they are majestic dogs, they grow very large and will be unhappy living in such a small space. A small dog will be much more suitable for an apartment, or even a medium sized dog, if you have sufficient time to walk him. Large dogs are more suitable for a house in Adelaide suburbs with a backyard or a ranch, somewhere where they can have enough space to fit their size. Also, do consider about the time you will have available for grooming. Short haired dogs need less grooming than dogs with longer hair, although a hair cut at the dog salon is an option. But, do have in mind that short haired dogs will need to be protected during the winter, with proper clothes, if the temperature gets too low.

“Dogs got personality. Personality goes a long way.”
Quentin Tarantino


Puppies 4

When picking a dog, you will also have in mind its temperament and your lifestyle. For instance, for an elder, dogs with a calm temperament that don’t require too much exercising are perfect. The Maltese, Yorkshire, Poodle, and other small sized dogs, will fit just right in this situation. For a family with children, you will need a gently and friendly dog, which also is quite patient. The Labrador is known for loving to play with children, even the Beagle being a great choice, although this one can be a bit more energetic. If you wish to enjoy security for your home and property, you can opt for a dog made to do this task, like the German Sheppard, Rottweiler, or another large sized dog. But, do have in mind that some large breeds will require a good training and social skills, which need to be developed since it is a puppy, not to get out of hand and become an aggressive dog.

Puppies 3

If you have a ranch, there are working dogs that can gather your cattle or sheep, just like the Border collie. These are highly energetic dogs, which love having a job to do, so they will be a trustworthy helper. In case you want to have a dog to participate at dog shows, you should make grooming a daily routine and get to know everything about the standards of your chosen dog breed. While the persons that wish to participate at agility shows will need active dogs, also loving to spend a lot of time with the dog training and getting prepared for the show. So you see, you need to make sure that you get the right dog for you and your lifestyle. Think well how you are and what you like doing, and find a dog breed that will fit like a glove.